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Certified Holistic Sleep Coach & Parenting Consultant

Considering Parenting Style in a Holistic Sleep Consultation

How we respond to our children is very much dependent on our parenting style. Parenting style is influenced by our parental attitudes to child-rearing and can have a significant impact on the quality of our family life. In the 1960s, a developmental psychologist noticed that preschoolers exhibited distinctly different types of behaviour and that behaviour…
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The Importance of Self-Care

In Sleep Coaching looking at parental self-care is an important factor. If we are tired, physically ill, experiencing stress and anxiety or generally overwhelmed addressing our children’s sleep issues are going to be that much more difficult. In fact, if we are feeling ill, stressed or overwhelmed it is likely our child/children will pick up…
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Why it is important to consider Family Dynamics, Parental Biological Chronotype and Personality in a Holistic Sleep Consultation

Considering family dynamics, parental chronotype and parental personality is an important part of my sleep coach assessments. This helps me to consider what parental factors may be affecting children’s sleep and the degree of patience and tolerance parents may have for managing their child’s sleep issues. It enables me to provide individualised support to the…
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The Implications for Children’s Sleep in Fostering and Adoption Placements

(Trigger warning: contains info about child abuse and neglect) Children who come into foster care and/or are placed for adoption will have had a range of experiences in respect of bedtime, sleep and waking up and will bring those experiences with them into the foster or adoptive home. Looked after children may have come from…
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About Sheila Franklin

I have many years of experience of working with children and families, including birth families, foster families, and families who have adopted. I have considerable expertise in evidence-based family assessments and in supporting parents to manage their children’s challenging behaviour. With an extensive knowledge of child development and attachment theory and a strong belief in…
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My approach is one of supporting and empowering parents. Holistic Sleep Coaching addresses sleep from a child and family-centred perspective. It is a multi-dimensional approach that looks at the bigger picture and takes into consideration the underlying factors that can impact on sleep. I support parents to understand how personality, parenting style and a child’s…
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Mission Statement

“To work collaboratively and in partnership with parents to achieve child-focused, gentle and positive solutions from an evidence-based perspective” Our Instagram Page https://www.instagram.com/sheilamfranklin/